2021 - The 2 In 1 Wrap Mala Diffuser
2021 - The hazelwood aromatherapy necklace
2019 - TV Ad 1 - A 100% Canadian Product
2019 - TV Ad 2 - A 100% Canadian Product


2019 - TV Ad 3 - A 100% Canadian Product


2018 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad - Pure Mitt Teething Mittens


2017 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad - Lise's Testimonial


2017 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad - Tania's Testimonial


2017 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad - Maryse's Testimonial


2017 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad - Alain's Testimonial


2015 - Pure Hazelwood TV Ad


2014 - Forbes Living Features Pure Hazelwood Products
Hosted by award-winning DRTV, marketing, and product strategist Forbes Riley, Forbes Living brings together an exciting lineup of celebrity guests, as well as entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators whose creations are driving the latest in beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, and entertainment.

Pure Hazelwood products were featured in the following segment as part of their series on "Natural Products for Better Personal Well-Being".

"We are more than ready to break into the American market and are honored to be able to do it through a host as respectable as Forbes Riley," said Maggie Fontaine, Pure Hazelwood's Director of Business Development.  "We thank very much the Forbes Living team for their support throughout this unexpected but exciting adventure."


2014 - Our Story

Pure Hazelwood has developed the first line of boreal forest hazel wood commercial products for the whole family and is now the world leader in that market. The co-owners Geneviève Lagacé and Patrick Lafond share their story, from the first handcrafted necklaces to the successful company we know today.


2012 - Vanessa (colic, teething pain) TV Ad


2012 - Luc (mouth sores, gastric reflux) TV Ad


2012 - Gisele (arthritis, ostheoarthritis) TV Ad


2012 - Cynthia (psoriasis, eczema) TV Ad