Pure Hazelwood

Picasso Jasper | Bracelet duo for suicide prevention


For each bracelet duo sold, we will donate $10 to the Quebec association for suicide prevention (AQPS)


Les deux bracelets sont ornés de perles de jaspe Picasso véritable, pierre naturelle aux nombreuses vertus. D'un gris très doux, c'est un ensemble qui plaira autant aux hommes qu'aux femmes.

Pour l’un des deux bracelets, nous utilisons du bois de noisetier à long bec 100% naturel, sélectionné avec soin au Québec par notre équipe de cueilleurs. Selon les milliers de témoignages que nous avons recueillis depuis plus de 20 ans, cette variété de noisetier aide à soulager les symptômes reliés au stress oxydatif et à l’inflammation, tels que le reflux gastrique, les maux d'estomac, les ulcères buccaux, l’eczéma, le psoriasis, la constipation, et plus encore!

Les bracelets sont montés sur un fil élastique très résistant, sans attache, et ornés de perles de verre et de métal sans plomb ni cadmium. Nous n'utilisons aucune perle de plastique pour ce modèle.

Les codes promotionnels ne s'appliquent pas sur les produits de la campagne pour la prévention du suicide.

Both bracelets are adorned with genuine Picasso jasper beads, a natural stone with numerous qualities. The colour is a frosted, very soft grey, making it a versatile model for both men and women.

For one of the bracelets, we use 100% natural beaked hazel wood, carefully selected by our team of harvesters in Quebec, Canada. According to thousands of testimonials that we collected for more than 20 years, this species of hazel wood helps relieve ailments related to oxidative stress and inflammation, such as arthritis, heartburn, mouth sores, eczema, psoriasis, and more!

The bracelets are assembled on a high-strength elastic, with no clasp, and adorned with glass and metal lead-free and cadmium-free beads. We do not use any plastic beads for this model.

Promotional codes don't apply on the products of our suicide prevention campaign.

Les perles, séquences et couleurs peuvent différer légèrement du modèle illustré. Taxes et frais de transport (si applicables) en sus.

Contient des petites pièces. Ne convient pas aux enfants de 3 ans et moins. Ne pas mettre dans la bouche. Pensez à renouveler le bracelet de noisetier lorsque celui-ci montre des signes d’usure importante ou que vos symptômes reviennent (après environ 3 à 6 mois selon les témoignages de nos clients).

L'utilisation des bijoux Pur Noisetier rentre dans le cadre des thérapies alternatives, elle ne remplace pas la médecine dite moderne. Les significations et propriétés données sont tirées de retours d’expériences d’utilisateurs, de cultures, et d’ouvrages de référence dans le domaine. Pour tout problème médical, veuillez consulter votre médecin.

Beads, patterns and colours shown may be slightly different from the actual product. Taxes and shipping fees (if applicable) not included.

Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3. Do not put in mouth. Consider replacing the hazel wood bracelet when it is showing major signs of wear, or when your symptoms return (after about 3 to 6 months according to our clients’ feedback).

The use of Pure Hazelwood jewelry is part of alternative therapeutic approaches. It does not replace so-called modern medicine. The meanings and properties given are drawn from user experience feedbacks, cultures, and reference material in this field of application. For any medical problem, please refer to your physician.

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Pure Hazelwood products are made from real hazel wood, which has virtues for your well-being. For more than ten years now, research conducted by Pure Hazelwood has demonstrated the richness of hazel wood polyphenols, molecules known for their antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Do you want to learn more?

Discover the virtues of Pure Hazelwood

Discover the strengths of Pure Hazelwood products

1. Safety first! 

Pure Hazelwood is committed to providing safe products at all times for both adults and children. Their clasps have been chosen for this purpose.

2. Superior efficiency wood

The scientific research conducted by Pure Hazelwood as well as the many years of experience of the company allowed him to measure the influence of variables like the color or the diameter of the pieces of wood on the effectiveness of the jewels. Harvesters follow a rigorous process when selecting hazelnut twigs to meet the quality criteria established by Pur Noisetier. This unique way of doing things sets it apart from other manufacturers in the same market.

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I join the many testimonials, because I too was skeptical about the necklace. I have been wearing one for 6 months and I do not feel any pain of arthritis. It's really wonderful, I rejuvenated 5 years. Last year, I was struggling to walk so much pain was present and today I feel no pain at all. I confirm that.



Two months ago I bought a necklace for my son because he was beginning to pierce his teeth. And, wonderful, it worked. He had no discomfort !!! As I noticed the effectiveness of the necklace, I got one for myself and since, I sleep like a baby, deeply, I have more energy ... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL !!! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful product with people. You are literally saving us from many evils.



Three years ago, after experiencing a lot of stress at work, I started having canker sores in my mouth. Subsequently, it was continual. I had so many that I had trouble eating. A friend told me about Pure Hazelwood necklaces, which could help me. I bought to see, without expecting anything spectacular. To my surprise, my ulcers disappeared after a week. Since then, I always wear one on my neck. This has been my deliverance.